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Booklet 4: All The Flounces

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Stapled booklet containing 28 Slytherin and Patreon (Special Bonus) comics - collating every single Flounce in the series thus far!

To be clear, some of these comics also appear in Booklets 1,2 and 3. Sorry about the doubling up, but I wanted to get them all together here as well.

To see all the 100+ Special Bonus Comics, you can subscribe to my Patreon and read them all here -->

The booklet contains these comics:

1- Bonus comic: How To Draw Snape
2- Slytherin comic #7: Mistah Pottah
3- Slytherin comic #22: Up To Something
4- Slytherin comic #27: Dungeon Time
5- Slytherin comic #29: Quidditch Cups
6- Slytherin comic #35: Yule Ball
7- Slytherin comic #52: Lucius
8- Bonus comic: Lucius Malfoy's Guide To Elocution
9- Slytherin comic #36: Snapey Christmas
10- Bonus comic: Christmas Edition
11- Slytherin comic #49: Sectumsempra
12- Slytherin comic #63: Potions
13- Slytherin comic #77: Ceh-leh-breh-teh
14- Slytherin comic #78: Pensieve
15- Slytherin comic #117: Occlumency
16- Slytherin comic #72: Vulture
17- Bonus comic: Riddikulus
18- Slytherin comic #108: Seven Muggles
19- Bonus comic: Notes
20- Slytherin comic #125: Dramatic Tips
21- Bonus comic: Commentary
22- Bonus comic: Practice
23- Bonus comic: My Father
24- Bonus comic: Flouncercise
25- Bonus comic: Hogfit
26- Bonus comic: Snape Rearranges His Potions
27- Bonus comic: The Flounce-Off
28- Bonus comic: Lurkers

Size: 14.8cm x 10.5cm (A6)
Cover: FSC-certified 350gsm matt laminated paper
Inside paper: FSC-certified 160gsm matt uncoated paper