4 November 2023


This is the time to buy something for Christmas, as my online shop will be open for just under a month and closing on 1st December!

This might seem early to close, but it's because if I send packages after that date, there is simply no guarantee they will arrive before Christmas, especially to the US, Canada, and A/NZ :(

All orders placed this month will be shipped on 25 November and 1 December.

So if you'd like something - order now!

DIGITAL PRINTS: If you don't want to risk postage, you can always buy any comic of mine as a digital print, for $10. Just send me a message here under "Contact" telling me which one you'd like :)

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I've sorted my booklets into GENERAL (if you want a wide selection of comics) and SPECIFIC (if you want comics all about one house or character).

If there's something missing that you'd like to buy, send me a message by clicking "Contact" and I'll make it available :)