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Booklet 3: Special Bonus Comics

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A6 stapled booklet featuring 17 selected bonus comics from my Patreon page.

To be clear, these are comics that have not been published before anywhere other than Patreon! To see more, you can subscribeand read them all here -->

The booklet contains these bonus comics:

- Cookin' With Kev
- Myrtle (ii)
- Huge Fuck-Off Snake
- Snape Rearranges His Potions
- Lucius Malfoy's Guide To Dramatic Gesticulation
- Kevin In The Kitchen
- Artisanal
- The Slytherkit
- Round Boy
- New Year's Edition
- Exploits
- Kevin & The Mandrakes
- On The Run
- Riddikulus! (ii)
- 20 Years Later
- Dumblenude

Size: 14.8cm x 10.5cm (A6)
Cover: FSC-certified 350gsm matt laminated paper
Inside paper: FSC-certified 160gsm matt uncoated paper